Nexus Gaming FAQ

How do I sign up?

To sign up for a Nexus Gaming tournament, there are two options; go to https://gamingnex.us and click on the tournaments tab, or go to discord, run the command !signup in the #tournament text channel, and follow the link that Nexus [Bot] tells you. Signups and Check-In end roughly 15 minutes before the scheduled tournament start, so make sure you give yourself (and your team) ample time to sign up and check in.

What if I signed up as a solo player but I have a team now/would like to edit my solo signup?

If you signed up solo and wish to change your signup, you need to return to the site (https://signup.gamingnex.us/) where you signed up solo. It should give you an option to remove your sign up under a message telling you that you would need to sign up again. After clearing your solo signup, you need to sign up your whole team through the team signup, or redo your solo signup. However, if you have already checked in as a solo member, there is no way to change it. Check-in is final, so please be prepared to play as a member of a solo team. (Management, Operations, and any other member of Nexus Gaming staff reserve the right to change or remove any offensive team name in the bracket.)

How do I check-in?

In order to check your team in, have the team captain type the command !checkin in the #tournament text channel. Only the captain of the team needs to check in. Each solo player must check in themselves using the command !checkin. (Management, Organizers, and any other member of Nexus Gaming staff reserve the right to remove any participant that breaks our rules; read about them in our #welcome text channel and at https://gamingnex.us/rules.)

How do I know if I’m checked in?

After using the command !checkin in the #tournament text channel, you should be checked in if you receive an affirmative message from Nexus [Bot]. If you do not receive an affirmative message, you are either on the wrong discord account or have not signed up. The message by the bot will be put in the #tournament text channel. If you are still not sure whether you are checked in or not, you can ask an Organizer or Manager, and they will make sure that you are in the bracket and ready to play.

Why am I getting direct messaged by a bot while sitting in tourney check-in?

If you are getting messaged by Nexus [Bot], it is because Nexus [Bot] helps with check-in. This bot will tell you whether you are checked in or not, and it will tell you how to fix any issues you have in signing up. This bot helps check in participants, so keep in mind the information that it conveys to you; with that information, you should be able to check in your team and play in the tournament.

What do I do if the other team/participant isn’t responding?

If the other team is not responding after using ALL means of communication available (such as discord DMs, tagging them with @ in the #tournament text channel, etc), you can contact an Organizer, Moderator, or Manager, and they will start a timer (10 minutes) after they have tried to contact the other team. If the other team does not respond before the timer runs out, your team will win through forfeit and shall be moved on to the next round.

How long do I have to wait before starting matches?

Unless you are told otherwise by our Moderation Team, Organizers, Managers, or Nexus [Bot], you can start your matches once the bracket comes out. You may continue to play until your match is held or you are knocked out of the tournament. If you are told to hold off on your match, please wait and listen to what our Organizers, Managers, or Nexus [Bot] are going to inform you about what is happening to your match. You will be told to hold off on your match through Discord’s direct messages.

Where can I sign up for Nexus Gaming tournaments?

You can sign up for any tournament through our Discord’s #welcome text channel, or you can sign up for the regular tournaments through our website at https://gamingnex.us. All of our tournaments are easy to sign up for and are located on this site. All members of your team need to join the Nexus Gaming Discord in order for you to sign up your team.