Nexus Gaming FAQ

How do I sign up?

To sign up for a Nexus Gaming tournament, there are two options; go to the #announcements text channel and click on the signup link to the tournament you want to sign up for, or go to discord, run the command !signup in the #tournament text channel, and follow the link that Nexus [Bot] tells you.

Can I sign up as a solo player in team tournaments?

Solo Signups are not currently available after our change to the bracketing site smash.gg. A full team is required to play in our 3v3 Biweekly Tournaments.

How do I check-in?

To check in, go to your dashboard on smash.gg, and check into your match. Only one player from each team needs to check in. (Management, Tournament Admins, and any other member of Nexus Gaming staff reserve the right to remove any participant that breaks our rules; read about them in our #welcome text channel.)

How do I know if I’m checked in?

After selecting the check-in option on the match in smash.gg, you should be checked in if you see the status of the match to show that you are checked in. If this change does not occur, there are errors with the website or you did not check in. If you are still not sure whether you are checked in or not, you can ask a member of Tournament Admin or Management, and they will make sure that you are checked in to your match on smash.gg.

What do I do if the other team/participant isn’t responding?

If the other team checks into the match on smash.gg but is not responding after using ALL means of communication available (such as discord DMs, tagging them with @ in the #tournament text channel, etc), you can contact a Tournament Admin after waiting for 5 minutes, and they will start a timer (5 minutes) after they have tried to contact the other team. If the other team does not respond before the timer runs out, your team will win through forfeit and shall be moved on to the next round.

How long do I have to wait before starting matches?

Unless you are told otherwise by our Production Team, Tournament Admins, or any other member of Nexus Gaming staff, you can start your matches once the bracket comes out (roughly 6 PM EST). If you are told to hold off on your match, please wait and listen to what our Production Team, Tournament Admins, or any other member of Nexus Gaming staff are going to inform you about what is happening to your match. You will be told to hold off on your match through Discord’s direct messages.