Tournament Rules

Important to Note

If a dispute or issue falls outside of the wording of our rules, we will defer to the RLCS rules; if these rules do not solve the issue, then the ruling on the issue is up to the discretion of Nexus Gaming Management, Tournament Admins, and other members of Nexus Gaming Staff. Rules may be waived in certain situations, and the dispute or issue will then fall under the discretion of Nexus Gaming staff. Decisions made by Nexus Gaming Management are final.

Who can play?

Players from any region on Steam (PC) or PSN (PS4) are allowed to join our tournaments. At this time, we do not allow Xbox Live or Nintendo Switch players to join our tournaments due to cross-network play restrictions.


Biweekly Tournament Format:

Stage One: Open Qualifier -

The final two rounds of the Upper Bracket and the final round of the Lower Bracket will all contain series that are a best-of-5 games. The series length in every other round in both brackets is a best-of-3 games.

Stage Two: Final Bracket -

In this stage, every match until the Grand Finals is a best-of-5 game series. The Grand Finals consist of a single best-of-7 game series.

For All Tournaments

It is strongly recommended that you save every replay and take a screenshot of every postgame scoreboard to verify the results of each game and match. No outside spectators aside from members of Nexus Gaming staff (including, but not limited to, Casters, Broadcasters, Tournament Admins, and Managers) may join a match in order to spectate or interfere in the gameplay. Doing so results in an automatic disqualification from the tournament and could lead to a ban from future Nexus Gaming tournaments.

Region & maps

Games will be played on US-East servers unless both teams agree to switch the region the series will be played on.

By default, only standard maps:

  • Aquadome
  • Beckwith Park (Standard, Midnight, and Stormy variations)
  • Champions Field (Night and Day variations)
  • DFH Stadium (Standard, Day, Snowy, and Stormy variations)
  • Mannfield (Standard, Day, Snowy, and Stormy variations)
  • Neo Tokyo
  • Salty Shores
  • Starbase Arc
  • Urban Central (Standard, Night, and Dusk variations)
  • Utopia Coliseum (Standard, Snowy, and Dusk variations)
  • Wasteland

may be used in tournament play. Players may reach a mutual agreement to play on any map (such as Badlands or ARCtagon) if they so wish. If there is any disagreement, the match will default to being played on a standard map that is listed above.


Check-in will begin at the scheduled start time of a tournament, and it is required of your team to check in for each round on To check in, go to your dashboard and check into the series on smash. You have 15 minutes to check-in your team on smash or you will be disqualified, and your opponents would move on to the next round. Please be paying attention to and the Nexus Gaming discord (which you can join at, so you are not disqualified. If it is found that you are exploiting the check-in timers on repeatedly, action may be taken against you and your team. After checking in, you must start your match within 10 minutes, or you will be disqualified.


Your game may be chosen to be streamed. If so, you should see on that your match is going to be streamed or be sent a message from a Moderator in your match on, telling you that you are going to be streamed. The Moderator will send you the lobby information, and it will include your team’s color. In the lobby, your team name will be on the color given to you in the chat. Please follow those instructions for the benefit of whoever is handling our graphics or production on the stream. (Note: Please do not spread toxicity, act in a toxic manner, spew vulgar language, or commit any other actions a reasonable person would deem unsuitable for a family-friendly stream. Violating this could lead to a ban from future Nexus Gaming tournaments.)

Non-responsive opponent

If your opponent is not responding or is not joining the in-game lobby after five (5) minutes have elapsed since they checked into the match on, you can either request a Moderator on smash, or have your captain PM a Moderator or Tournament Admin on discord. If we are unable to reach them via discord or smash, we will disqualify your opponent after running a 5-minute timer. You will then be moved on to the next round of the tournament. For opponents who have not checked in, we will let the auto-DQ timer on run out.

Leaving / Disconnecting

If a player leaves or disconnects during the middle of a game, that game will continue by default. Players may reach an agreement to restart a game in the interest of sportsmanship, on the condition that doing so does not cause a significant delay to the tournament. This differs from the “Disputes” section, which details when an entire team leaves at once. If an entire team leaves at once, the match is stopped when that action is done to initiate a dispute.


Leaving the match to initiate a dispute stops a series, and this rule overrides Section 8 (“Leaving / Disconnecting”), provided that a Moderator, Tournament Admin, Manager, or another Nexus Gaming staff member is brought in to solve the dispute and also the opposing team is alerted during the game of the action you are about to do. All disputes and/or claims must be immediately communicated to a Tournament Admin or Nexus staff member as soon as an issue is discovered. Failure to do so nullifies all rights and privileges, and action may not be taken by staff members. Playing through a game or series implies consent, so we encourage you to request a Moderator as soon as possible.

Streamed matches

All Semi-Final and Final matches will be streamed. Please keep an eye on the bracket and recognize when you have reached this point, and do not start a semi-final (or final) match until contacted by our event staff. We reserve the right to restart any of these matches that were started prematurely.


All teams must contain the appropriate amount of players (3 for 3v3), and teams are allowed to have one substitute signed up on the roster. In extreme cases where a team does not have a substitute signed up with them on their roster, but one of their players is unable to continue, a substitute may be used at the beginning of a match, provided the sub has not already played in the tournament for another team. However, a sub may NOT be used in the middle of a match, unless that sub is previously signed up with the team on If a team is unable to continue with the same team composition for an entire match and they have no sub signed up on their roster, ask a Tournament Admin or Manager in the Nexus Gaming Discord to begin a ten (10) minute timer, or you can request a Moderator in to do the same. If that timer expires, the team will forfeit the remainder of the match. Substitutions are only allowed between games if the sub is already on the team’s roster prior to the tournament start.


In the interest of sportsmanship, we ask participants to disable or remove certain objects that may unfairly benefit one team over another, such as accessories that may be detrimental to lower-performance consoles and computers. We also ask participants to not force lower-end consoles or PCs to play on frame-intensive maps.* Finally, we ask for all matches to be conducted in a friendly and non-toxic manner, in order to provide a better tournament experience for all participants. Excessive toxicity, use of vulgar language, and any other actions that a reasonable person would deem rude, spiteful, and/or mean can lead to a removal from the tournament and a ban from future tournaments. *Currently, there are no in-game items or arenas that are significantly harmful to lower-end PCs or consoles. If one does make itself known, please refrain from using said items or playing on said maps.


Teams are allowed to forfeit at any time. If they forfeit, they are forfeiting the remainder of that tournament and a score of 1-0 will be reported in favor of the opposing team.

Deception of Tournament Organizers

For the benefit of our stream and for fairness in competition, we ask competitors to not use lower-ranked accounts or “smurfs”, lie about their skill, and/or pretend to be someone else in order to gain more favorable seeding or any sort of advantage in a tournament setting. This also goes for those who attempt to face higher-seeded entrants earlier on just to cause a mess of the tournament and unfairly punish those who obeyed this rule. If you do need to be on an alternate account for whatever reason, please let a manager know and why. We’re here to promote a competitive yet friendly environment for all of our competitors and community members, and attempting to deceive tournament organizers (Tournament Admins, Management, and any other member of Nexus Gaming staff) is an attempt to ruin that environment. Please be considerate when signing up for our tournaments.